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Basics And Cross-Knit Begin Soon -- But No End Dates!

Donna Kallner
Basics And Cross-Knit Begin Soon -- But No End Dates!
by Donna Kallner - Tuesday, 20 August 2013, 7:23 PM

Orientation for the New Age Looping Basics eCourse will begin on September 3. All course material will be posted on September 17. The improved notification system on this new platform means the class can be self-paced with no expiration date. The format is still built around a suggested 8-week study period, because some people benefit from having that frame of reference. But if work, travel, family commitments or other events conflict, you can put the class on hold and come back to it when the timing is better for you. Or return to review course elements after you've had more time to explore the technique.
The same will be true for Cross-Knit Looping. Orientation for that class will begin September 10, and all course material will be posted October 2.After October 1, students will be able to register for these two courses and begin right away. And as I introduce new classes, there will be official launch dates followed by ongoing enrollment.If you were in online classes on the old platform, watch your email inbox for information that will let you access all course material again. Unfortunately, I can't import all the comments and forum posts from the old site. But I can't wait to catch up with what you're working on now!